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Gary De Rodriguez is the CEO of Peopleistic LLC USA, an associate professor at the Business Education Institute, a master trainer of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, an Extended DISC trainer, and a Talexes facilitator. He has coached over 30,000 people worldwide.


Known as the People Mechanic, he is recognized as an international expert in the science of human excellence. He is a published author on leadership through Bloomsbury Publishing.


He has designed effective models of psychology-based systems for relationship success, human behavior, communication, and team dynamics into an eloquent system that transforms individuals and organizational culture at lightning speed.

"I’ve known Gary De Rodriguez for almost 30 years - he is one of the most talented speakers and trainers in the world.
Gary has a huge heart and he’s a source of inspiration for the hundreds of thousands of lives that he has touched around the planet. When you train with Gary you are training with one of the absolute best!" 

Chris Howard



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MaryBeth Koenes, Life Coach

"Hi Gary, I think about our class often, and miss seeing everyone! And please keep me posted on everything you have coming up… you know I’ll sign up for anything you offer. I also want to reiterate how much I would appreciate any opportunity to learn as much as I can from you – courses, teachings, mentorship, shadowing, guinea pig for new techniques. I want whatever you are willing and able to give me as I develop my own career and work in this field.
In the meantime, I am practicing every bit that I learned from you, and when that is mastered, I will reread and rewatch the course and practice more. I can’t thank you enough for the tools and techniques… they’ve changed my life, my relationships, and my coaching business.
I am here and always open to exploring this work with you!"

Brian Moses, #2 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent in the world

"I spent 9 hours yesterday with Gary. WOW doesn't even begin to describe the experience and self-transformation I realized!!!  It was a magical experience to say the least. If you are desirous of exploring the depths of your being, your soul, your internal “wiring” and are truly committed to making a lasting change in your life that will better you personally, your family, your friends, employees, peers, and all you come in contact with then scheduling a session with Gary is a must and one you will be forever grateful for!"

Darrel Brown, Cinematographer Perth Australia

"Every now and then, someone comes into your life and brings with them a gift, which, if you choose to, you can use to totally transform your life and become the person of whom you have always dreamed. That person was Gary De Rodriguez, and his gift was the NLP Tools. My life will never be the same again. God bless Gary and thank you!"

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